Nixon and Korey in their forever home.
This is Cisco & Teddy Fogel. Happy
holidays from Mary Fogel and
David Orton.
Otis with his new forever mom, Geri,
and Geri's parents. Lucky Otis!
Molly chilling in her new forever home.
Murray (formerly Pip)
Bridget with her new mom, Jan Holcomb
Hi I use to be Brad but now my name is YoYo!
I've been with my forever family now for a year and half.  I love to pull all of my toys out of  their toy box and
SQUEAK them, I bark at dogs on the TV, and at the door bell, and my forever Mom when she leaves the room as I
want her to stay with me.  I love to play my idea of fetch; I go get the ball but you have to chase me to get it back.  I
get along with my forever brother Tigger the Cat and my forever sister Solas the Cat (she's in charge and took my
other bed as you can see).  I like to take family trips but still not crazy about car rides but I'm getting there.
Hi Lucky here. I just wanted to say that I
am doing well and enjoy living in my
forever home with my new mom,
Catherine. She takes good care of me!
Mikey with his new parents Bill and Alana
Sloan in his new forever home.
Skittles looking for belly rubs in his new
Forever home.
Sugar (now Ginger) enjoying her new
Ringo (formerly Levi) in his new Happy
Peanut in her forever home.
Patton in his forever home.
On the left Levi (now Ringo) and his new
sister Lola in his new forever home.
Sammy (formerly Woody) with his new mom, Katy.
"I love him so much. We have found our routine and having
a blast. I have been able to take him running in the
morning and he pulls me along. He likes to snap at men
and kids so we are working on that, but besides that we are
loving life."
Aspen (now ZuZu) with mom Jackie and
big brother Ranger.
Bebe (now Babette) in her new happy home.
Roarke (now Wicket) in his Happy Home
with the Garcia family.
Wee Rescue is an all-volunteer organization
dedicated to rescuing Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus,
and Pekingese from Central Texas shelters. Our
mission is to place these homeless dogs into
safe, loving, permanent homes in Greater Austin

We are a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are
tax deductible. Visit our
donation page to make a
Courage with his new buddy, Moxie
I was recommending Wee Rescue to a new
acquaintance the other day.  Brook adopted me
Thanksgiving 2011 and she’s been my best bud ever
since.  At 6’2”, 260, when she walks me around the
neighborhood, we get a lot of double takes.  She’s
especially good in airports.  I put her down and she
just cruises down the concourses without a care.  We
have a lot of fun together.  I cannot tell you how much I
value your organization.  I refer people to it all the time
and think that at least 3-4 adoptions resulted.  

Keep up the good work.
Jim Kay and Brook Kay
Suzie came to Wee Rescue from the Temple
Animal Center. She had been abused and so
is not so easily trusting with new people, but
she has found a new friend in Jasmine.
Bonnie, Alex and
Charlie Gonzalez
Four year anniversary with our dad,
Michael Owens. Ricky and Penny
Toby at his happy, happy, happy
home with the Aly Family!
Fozzie aka Collin is now enjoying his
new home and haircut!
Bexie the Ballerina in her new home!
Merry Christmas from Charlie, Lola, and the
Gossett family. Lola found Charlie at a Meet &
Greet in August 2013. They are still a match
made in heaven.
S'mores with her new
friend, Molly, and her
new family!
Mariah had a good
Christmas with her new
Mopsie looks all squeaky clean and
cozy in his new forever home!
We adopted little Midge (Tinkerbell) a year ago
today, and we could not be more smitten with this
dog. Since we adopted her we discovered she was
Needless to say, she's gained a few (healthy)
pounds since then, and she is the queen of this
castle. She loves naps, playing with toys, and vising
her "fuzzins" (her Wee Rescue cousins - my sister's
dogs). We are so grateful for your organization. We
recommend people to you all the time. Thanks
He was a birthday present from his
new dad, Bill Strong. Specs will join the
Strong Tzu!
Darling is now Lily Belle, and has gone
to her forever ranch. She will be best
buds with her new mom.
Remy and Toby are
now known as
Jimmy and Joey
Bryan. Don't they
look like a great