Lhasa-Terrier mix, 14 years, male, 15 pounds

Milo was previously adopted from Wee Rescue in 2006 by a wonderful
older couple, but their family has now asked us to find a new home for him.
He is a loving, mellow dog who enjoys naps and short walks. He has had
surgery for both his knee and bladder stones and has recovered very well.
He does need to be on special food, but otherwise has no health problems.
Milo is house broken, enjoys rides in the car and loves to get treats! He
does not do well with children. Milo would be best as an only dog or with
older, laid-back dogs.
Pomeranian, 5 years, male, 7 pounds

Franklin came to us from AAC. He is a tiny sweet guy and is getting over
surgery for a mass. After five rounds of chemo, unfortunately his cancer did
not go into remission. His prognosis is in question. He is safe and loved in
his foster home. Wee hope you will help with his medical expenses.
Shih Tzu, 5 years old, female, 9 pounds

Dear little Jingles came to us from the Killeen and she has led a very
tough life. Jingles is only five years old, and has bad eyes and most
likely blind. She is a sweet girl, but is somewhat frightened by the
crowds at Meet and Greets. Jingles gets around her house quite well,
but won't jump down from a chair. Check out this sweet girl.
Congratulations to Waylon for
finding his forever home!
Shih Tzu, 6-7 years, male, 21 pounds

My foster mom thinks I have silly personality for a dog. I am a big Shih
Tzu with a lot of hair and it is fluffy. I like to  buff your feet when you are
sitting. I can keep them warm too! I do well walking and I do have good
manners for that. I go car riding, too. I get along with other dogs, would
like to play but I have not found a playmate, yet. I am trying to learn to
use the doggie door but I rather someone open the door for me, so I
can feel like a VIP. I am not good with small children. I like to play with
my toys and be outside with my foster mom.
Wee Rescue is an all-volunteer organization
dedicated to rescuing Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus,
and Pekingese from Central Texas shelters. Our
mission is to place these homeless dogs into
safe, loving, permanent homes in Greater Austin

We are a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are
tax deductible. Visit our
donation page to make a
All of our Wee dogs stay in loving foster homes until they are adopted into their Forever Homes!  If you see a potential
Forever Friend, please submit an
application and we will arrange a meeting. If you have already submitted an
application, please send us an
Shih Tzu, 12 years, female, 12 pounds

Schatzi came to us from the Killeen Shelter. She had surgery for
mammary masses and a cyst. The mammary tumors came back as
cancerous. Schatzi had further surgeries for the tumors, but there are
no masses in her lungs. The little girls is on her way to recovery.

This surgery is expensive, but who can deny that sweet face a better
future. Please donate, if you can!
Peke-mix, 8 years, female, 14 pounds

Anastasia came to us from Austin Animal Center. She had some skin issues due
to neglect, but her hair is growing back in, and it is soft and wavy. She is quiet,
but has the strong personality of a Pekingese, and she won't take any guff.
Otherwise, she is sweet and gentle. She is house-broken. Anastasia loves to be
near her mom. Her foster mom thinks she is very special. Anastasia would
probably do best in a quiet household, but she does get along with other dogs.
Lhasa, 11 years old, male, 26 pounds

Leo has cataracts in both eyes and is probably blind. He came to us
from Austin Animal Center as a stray. He was a mess. Look at this
sweet boy now! He is a sweet boy, just needs some TLC. His foster
family is getting to know him and will be reporting soon.
Peke, 8-9 years, male, 20 pounds

Cooter is a beautiful peke with a real peke personality. He gets along with other
dogs, and is quiet. He can be stubborn, but loving. Cooter has dry eye, and will
need drops, and has lost some sight. Cooter's coat is soooo soft. He gets
around well, but loves to be with his foster mom.
Cha Cha
Pekingese, 13 years, female, 14 pounds        

If you saw Cha Cha running around the house, you would never guess that she is 13
years old. She is an owner surrender that came to us from Austin Animal Center. The
dear girl had been so neglected. Cha Cha lost a few teeth, and had worms. She also
has heartworms, and has begun her treatment.. But she is house-trained, and
figured out the doggie door almost immediately. Smart girl. Loves toys, and gets
along with other dogs, but would love to be your special friend. Cha Cha should be
over her treatment sometime towards the end of April.
Shih Tzu, 5 years, female, 15 pounds

Dora came to us from Austin Animal Center. She is a very mellow  but she does
show us what she likes to do.
She likes to go walking and car rides. She is potty
trained. She likes to sit by you wherever you go. She does not play with toys.  
She is a positive heart worm  dog but she still can be adopted soon.
Shih Tzu-mix, 12 years old, female, 23 pounds

Gidget was surrendered to Austin Animal Center by her owners after
having her her entire life. Her foster family is getting to know her and
will be reporting soon.
Astro - Adoption Pending
Havanese-mix, 1-2 years, male, 15 pounds

Astro came to us from Austin Animal Center as a stray. His foster mom is getting
to know him, and will be reporting soon.
Shih Tzu, 8 years, female, 14 pounds

Pumpkin is a sweet, smart, soft and cuddly dog. She can be timid and
scared at first, but warms up to you quickly. She loves to be near, or cuddle
with her humans. She comes when called and is quick to learn new tricks.
She gets along with other dogs well, once she knows them..She will make a
wonderful companion for you, and your family.
Shih Tzu, 2 years, female, 11 pounds

Peepers came to us from Austin Animal Center as a stray. She is a sweetie
with those eyes!! She is potty trained, play with her toys. She likes to play
with other
dogs. She likes to sit with you everywhere.   Only had a for a few
days and she does show a lot of personality. Right now, she requires
bathing often
due to skin issues.  
Shih Tzu mix, 8 years old, male, 9 pounds

Maxx came to us from the Humane Society of SE Texas as an owner
surrender. He is timid and will need to gain trust. He is not very good
on a leash, so should probably go to a home with a fenced yard. But
he is with a great foster family and they will be reporting soon.
Shih Tzu mix, 3 years old, female, 12 pounds

Moxie came to us from the Humane Society of SE Tx (Beaumont).  She
does have some skin issues and hair loss so will need to be bathed
with medicated shampoo until it clears up. She has a great foster
family and they will be reporting soon.
Terrier mix, 2 years, female, 14 pounds

Poppy was the excellent mom to the last batch of puppies who have been
adopted. She is a quiet, friendly girl, and is perfectly house-trained.
Pad Thai
Pekingese, 2-4 years, male, 16 pounds

Pad Thai came to us from San Antonio. He was abandoned with his buddy,
and found his way the Texas Chihuahua Rescue. A 16 pound pekingese
doesn't do well with 5-6 pound chihuahuas when it is play time. Pad is a
lovely younger peke with impeccable manners. We are still evaluating his
housetraining, but it all seems very positive. He gets along well with other
dogs, but is very clingy to his foster mom at least for now. Doesn't mind
grooming another he doesn't like you to mess with his feet.
Baby Doll
Maltese-mix, 7 years, female, 7 pounds

Baby Doll is a tiny maltese-mix who came from Austin Animal Center. Her foster
family is getting to know her and will be reporting soon.
Lhasa-mix, 5 years, male, 12 pounds

Antonio came to us from the San Antonio Shelter. He is a quiet guy who travels
well in the car. Antonio loves to go on walks with his foster mom. This picture is
from his intake, but after a week of baths and love and care, he looks so much
better and his tail is constantly wagging.    
Shih Tzu, 2 years, female, 11 pounds

Bunny came to us from Austin Animal Center is a stray. How could anyone let
this little girl go on the streets? We just don't know. But her foster family is
getting to know her and will be reporting soon.  
Shih Tzu-mix, 8-9 years old, male, 11 pounds

Griffen came to us from Austin Animal Center as a stray. Wee are doing surgery
on his bladder stones, then he will recuperate with his foster mom. She will be
reporting soon. Please help us with his expenses. How can you say "no" to that
sweet face.
Shih Tzu-mix, 7-8 years, male, 11 pounds

Bandit was surrendered to the New Braunfels animal center when his owners
moved to a condo that didn't accept pets. This sweet boy was adopted from us
last year, and unfortunately he was surrendered. Luckily, they just didn't
abandon him to the street. He has been diagnosed with diabetes, and he is with
our foster-nurse extraordinaire, Barb, to get him settled. He is sweet and caring.
Give this great boy a chance.  
Havanese-mix, 3 years, female, 11 pounds

Beauty came to us from Austin Animal Center as a stray. No, she is not a Shih
Tzu, Lhasa, or even a Pekingese. She is just a wonderful little dog who was
stuck at AAC. How could we resist that great face. Her foster family is getting to
know her and will be reporting soon.
Maltese, 2 years old, female

Ivory came to us from Austin Animal Center. She loves to be held and brushed.
Ivory is working on potty training and separation anxiety. Also, she does like to
bark. Her hair is a bit of a mess because of allergies. But she is a doll and a