Shih Tzu, 12 years, female, 12 pounds

Schatzi came to us from the Killeen Shelter. She had surgery for mammary
masses and a cyst. The mammary tumors came back as cancerous. Schatzi
had further surgeries for the tumors, but there are no masses in her lungs.
Schatzi has recovered and is a sweet, roly poly little girl.
Lhasa, 11 years old, male, 26 pounds

Leo has cataracts in both eyes and is probably blind. He came to us
from Austin Animal Center as a stray. He was a mess. Look at this
sweet boy now! He is a sweet boy, just needs some TLC.
Lhasa-Terrier mix, 14 years, male, 15 pounds

Milo was previously adopted from Wee Rescue in 2006 by a wonderful
older couple, but their family has now asked us to find a new home for him.
He is a loving, mellow dog who enjoys naps and short walks. He has had
surgery for both his knee and bladder stones and has recovered very well.
He does need to be on special food, but otherwise has no health problems.
Milo is house broken, enjoys rides in the car and loves to get treats! He
does not do well with children. Milo would be best as an only dog or with
older, laid-back dogs.
Pomeranian, 11 years, male, 7 pounds

Franklin came to us from AAC. He is a tiny sweet guy and is getting over
surgery for a mass. After five rounds of chemo, unfortunately his cancer did
not go into remission. His prognosis is in question. He is safe and loved in
his foster home. Wee hope you will help with his medical expenses.
Wee Rescue is an all-volunteer organization
dedicated to rescuing Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus,
and Pekingese from Central Texas shelters. Our
mission is to place these homeless dogs into
safe, loving, permanent homes in Greater Austin

We are a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are
tax deductible. Visit our
donation page to make a
All of our Wee dogs stay in loving foster homes until they are adopted into their Forever Homes!  If you see a potential
Forever Friend, please submit an
application and we will arrange a meeting. If you have already submitted an
application, please send us an
Shih Tzu, 10 years, female, 12 pounds

We suspect that someone just dumped this sweet little girl since she
was found as a stray and taken to Austin Animal Center. Stardust only
has one eye, and may be deaf. And to add to it a mass was found on
her ovary, when it was removed they found that it had not spread
Shih Tzu-mix, 7-8 years, male, 11 pounds

Bandit is such a smart boy and learns so quickly. He is totally house-trained
and will bark to go out. He is deaf and has limited eyesight. Bandit is looking
for a special person to love and care for me. He does have to have two
insulin shots everyday but is an easy boy to give shots to. He loves to
cuddle and give you kisses.
Papillon-mix, 5 years, female, 8.5 pounds

Gabriela came from Austin Animal Center as a stray. She is Heartworm
positive, so we will have her for a few months as she goes through her
treatment. She is a sad little girl right now, but she will definitely perk up
when she is safe and sound in a loving foster home for a while.
Angel (nicknamed Hazel)
Shih Tzu, 2 years, female, 14 pounds

UPDATE: Dr. Howell purchased a smaller wheelchair
that makes it easier getting around. She is a special
favorite of Crossing Animal Clinic. If you would like to
meet her, please contact

Angel was surrendered to AAC after she lost use of her
back legs. She also is unable to urinate on her own.
After her exam, x-rays and consulting with several
specialty vets it was determined that Wee are going to
treat her with steroids and hopefully in time she will
regain use of her bladder. Luckily someone donated a
doggie wheel chair to us several months ago and Angel
seems to like it!  She should be scooting around in no
time. Thanks to Dr. Howell for fostering her and helping
to manage her progress. Check out her video!
Shih Tzu, 8 years, male, 12 pounds

Fritz came to us from the Bastrop Animal Shelter. He does have skin issues
and will need medicated baths several times a week. We have had a lot of
success with dogs that come to us with skin issues and after treatment, a
good diet and a lot of TLC they heal just fine. His foster family is getting to
know him and will be reporting soon!
Shih Tzu, 10 years, female, 12 pounds

Pamela came to us from Killeen. She is such a happy girl and loves to
fetch! She is missing some teeth so her tongue hangs out all the time! She
also has a dry eye and will come with eye meds.  She is a sweet girl and
needs someone to give her a lot of TLC.

Pamela is available now for adoption. Please submit an application which
you can find on our website -
Lhasa-mix, 10 years, male, 11 pounds

Bernie came to us from Austin Animal Center. He does have some joint
issues which makes him a little uncomfortable but we put him on meds to
help out. He was in a neglect situation, and was underweight. He is being
spoiled by his foster parents until he gets his strength back. Bernie
deserves to be in a loving home for the rest of his life. He has a great,
sweet personality.
Saint Nick
Shih Tzu, 2 years, male, 19 pounds

Saint Nick came to us from Austin Animal Center. He has lost a little weight
since he has been forced to eat dog food, but he still likes to mooch a little.
Nick can be a little standoffish to humans, but bonds with a human. Nick
seems to have issues with men, and we suspect children. He tolerates other
dogs, but would still much prefer to be with his human. Nick also exhibits
jealousy when other dogs or people get near his special person. We are
working on that. Very well house-trained and uses the doggie door. Nick will
be available for adoption at the next meet and greet on January 13th.
Please submit an application which you can find on our website -
Poodle-Schnauzer mix, 6 month, female, 9 pounds

Daisy is a darling, young (6 months), little (9 pounds), mini
Poodle/Schnauzer mix. She came to us very sick with a "mega
esophagus".  Which meant she couldn't keep food or water down.
We weren't sure she was going to make it through the weekend.  

With a lot of TLC from Lynda and Mike, research and Doctor
visits, she has made an amazing comeback! She has already put
on some weight and is a happy puppy.  

She does need to be fed several small meals a day sitting up for
the feeding and 20-25 minutes after. Lynda & Mike have been
feeding her in a standup backpack.  And Mike has built her a
"Bailey Chair" which is basically a highchair for dogs. Wee Rescue
will provide this chair. She will need to be fed in either the
backpack or the highchair. Daisy does well being fed either way.

She is very, very sweet and now that she has regained her
strength, she wants to play. She's house broken and loves to be
held and cuddled. If you would like to be a part of her success
story, please adopt this girl and give her a forever home.
Shih Tzu, 14+ years, male, 14 pounds

Derby came to us for Austin Animal Center. He was in pretty bad shape.
Wee had to pull a number of teeth, but Derby is back to eating solid food.
He lost his left eye, but has recovered from that surgery. His skin still needs
some love and care, but looking much better. Happy boy, and will be a
great companion. He does best walking on a leash than letting him does his
business on his own schedule. He is quiet, but enjoys a good bark with the
rest of the dogs.
Shih Tzu/Silky Terrier-mix, 2 years old, female, 6.5 pounds

JoJo came to us from Austin Animal Center as a stray. Her foster family
is getting to know her and will be reporting soon.
Lhasa Apso-mix, 7 years, male, 17 pounds

Brodie came to us from Austin Animal Shelter as a surrender. He is house
trained, crate trained and loves to go on short walks and play with his
stuffed animals. He has dry eyes and needs drops twice a day. He is a
perfect little boy at home and wants to sit on the chair next to you, but
seems to be overly protective or afraid of others. He needs someone who
can work with him and help him overcome his fears. His foster is working
with him on that.
Pekingese, 8 years, female, 19 pounds

MJ was an owner surrender. Her owner had her all her life, but with 5
children and an invalid mother she became overwhelmed. The owner
reached out to Wee Rescue. MJ was stressed and snippy, and needed
dental work. She lost 10 teeth. MJ feels much better, and is now working on
her girlish figure. She is friendly with other people and dogs, but likes being
the only princess. MJ is well-behaved and potty-trained. MJ would be a
great companion.
Lhasa-mix, 3-4 years old, male, 16 pounds

Max is potty and house trained. He likes to go walking and go for rides.
He knows how to use the doggie door. Max would be great with older
kids who will play with him outside with the balls and toys. He would
enjoy walking with kids to school. He likes to be “all about him” dog.  
Havanese, 1 year, male, 11 pounds

Ralphie is a stray from Austin Animal Center. He is super sweet and loves
people-full of energy too. He has a little brown nose! He is wearing a cone
because he had a cherry eye. His foster family is getting to know him and
will be reporting soon.
Havanese, male
Havier is energetic and prefers to follow his people around. He has some
allergy issues but seems to be handled well with Apoquel. Havi likes to play
outside and go for walks but does not like extreme heat. He does like to
play in the water.
Lhaso Apso, male

Tashi likes to play hard and rest hard. He loves to explore and lay in a dog
bed a lot of the time, though he likes to be on my lap too. He is puppy pad
trained.  It would be great if they could be with someone who is home most
of the time, has a fenced backyard and a doggy door would be really great
for both dogs.  
Shih Tzu, 5 years, female, 9.6 pounds

Shelby came to us badly matted from Austin Animal Shelter. She  is smart,
likes attention and loves to cuddle with her human. She walks well on a
lease but doesn’t need to go too far to get her business done. She is good
in the back yard also. Shelby would love to be an only dog and get all the
attention but she is willing to share. My husband added…... " to know her is
to love her."
Pomeranian, 4 years old, female, 7 pounds

Keri was surrendered to Wilco Animal Shelter by her breeder. She has
been spayed. Her foster Mom is getting to know her.
Shih Tzu, 11 years old, female, 19 pounds

Jessie was surrendered to Austin Animal Center. She is a beautiful
Shih Tzu mix and is around 11 years old. She was about 20 lbs when
surrendered, but has been making big progress losing some wight.
She also lost a few teeth during her teeth exam, but it has not stopped
her from eating dry food. She is house-broken. She gets along with
other dogs, but at her age, she is not much into playing. Her favorite
activity is eat, and nap.If you want a nice, calm companion that will not
leave your sight, then Jessie is for you.
Shih Tzu, 8-10 years old, female, 9 pounds

Lucy is very well behaved and friendly to other dogs. She has learned
to use a doggie door very quickly and lets you know when she needs
to go out.  She’s wonderful with children and loves to be cuddled.  She
has had to have her back teeth removed so has to eat soft dog food
and snacks. She is a joy.   
Sugar Plum
Shih Tzu, 4 years, female, 19 pounds

Sugar Plum is a laid back girl, preferring to tag along with her people than
explore the yard or play with other dogs.  She is a little nervous, and cries if
you close the door or gate with her on the other side.  She likes to be held,
gives you kisses, and likes to snuggle up beside you  She is possessive of
her owner with other dogs, and has snarled at mine when they come for a
belly rub.
Because she’s a little high strung, I don’t recommend children
under the age of 12, and a quiet household.