April 2018
Michael Otto
Karen Swartz in honor of Barbara Vernold
Jennifer Phillips in memory of Gus

March 2018
Alice Cathro with thanks to Wee Rescue for their care, concern and kind offers of help after we were flooded out by Hurrican Harvey! We
survived! And we are doing great. Big Rand and Wee Roy and sisters Poppy and Suzu.
Susan Hennigan

February 2018
Sue Red Stockhouse
Jaclyn Goldberg
Karin Groepper
Shannon Johnson

January 2018
Geoffrey Ennis
Linda Socha
Myles Fox
Peter Braun
Thank You Wee Rescue. We got 4 rescued pups from you and they have been a joy from day one!!!
Jessica Harris for Bruno's medical expenses
Theresa Caillouet for poor little Bruno
Ronald Revell To help the little guy with the broken jaw (or as needed)
Nelly Lynch for Hero

December 2017
David Nicastro
Julie Moore
Bettye Williams
Linda Landsdowne
Susan Keller
Donald Johanson
In Memory of Janet Carpenter
Jennifer Fagan Thank you for all the great work you do!
Patsy Beheler
Ira Lipstet
Lori Hill
Love from Laci, Lexi Angel and Lori Hill
Margaret and Gordon Dunkley
Kathy Hamilton
Ruben Alvarado
Laura & Michael Sledge
In appreciation of all the fosters, especially Dianne Hyde! Love, Rex
Judy & Ron Brown in honor of "JJ"
Matthew Torgerson
Kathy Winkler
Jean Nelle
Elaine Phillips
We loved our Wee Rescue Bailey for 10 years and now we are loving his successor, Buddy. He brings joy to our day! Thank
Kathy Russell Thank you for putting Fletcher in our lives and making our household complete.
Casey Clem
Hildegarde Johns
Carla Cox
Carolyn Muise
Audrey Grissom
Donald and Teresa Pekar
to help with medical bills.
Lea and Mike McDonald Thank you so much for all you do to help dogs. Nine years ago Redford came into our life. Lynn Gibson brought us
this wonderful boy who has brought an abundance of joy to our life. His the love of our lives. Thank you so much.
Vicki Myatt Still love our Maddie. She's a snow dog in Minnesota now.
Alice Duerr Thank you Wee Rescue Volunteers
Sharon Vaughn
Deborah Ann Bowman
Thanks, Julie, for all you do for the Wee ones. Merry Christmas!
John Martin
Jan Hargrove Habitzreiter
in celebration of Pepper, formerly Diego
Elizabeth Pollei
Barbara Townsen
Thanks for my wonderful Bebe adopted in 2014
Carol Hudson and Maria Elizabeth Maria has brought lots of love, laughter and loyalty into my life.
Shawn and Amy Brack In memory of Tribble (Zoey).
Rose Pace
Charles and Lois Holmbeck
in memory of Shaggy and Clooney and Henry
Lynn Meyers
San Diego Maintenance Service
Janet Wachsmuth
Charles Utzman
Mark Clements
Brian Otto
Howard DePree
Cheryl Brown
for our little animals
Heide Specion On Behalf of "Monkey" Renamed Charlie for rescuing him. He is a happy dog now. Thank you.
Betty Stapp Jaime lived 16 years.
Robert D. Wolk
Ted Bose
Ken and Jeannie Pate
Andrea Jean Handy
Violet Leff
Carol A. Cone
Sunny Johnson
Please help. Any amount helps save a life!
Karen Larson My little Ellie (Faith) has been the best.
Mary Bowman In honor of our new family member, Sam. We adopted him on Feb. 11.
Ranita Nunn In honor of Holly Nunn, one of your previous rescues, now in her forever home.
Larry Groah
Bea Guerra
Lauren & Will Kelly
In honor of our Wees, Herbie and Orson
Louise Albers
Judy Swinehart
Thank you for my precious "Miss P."
Julia Connor Luke (adopted 12/15) is doing great. He is an awesome companion.
Isabelle, Thomas, Lenny and Celia Chen We love JarJar and Coco! Adopted from Wee Rescue on January 1, 2017
Charles Carr
Joan Heinsohn
David Holt
Wee Rescue provides an awesome service!
Hendle Rumbaut God bless you!
Patti Ryan of Heritage Boot Thank you for our beloved Izzy!
Ike and Pinki Herrick Keep up the Good Work!
Craig Freeman Maggie wishes everyone Happy Holidays
Robert and Sue Kattness Sofey--Happy and Warm
Edgar and Rhoda Jones Alicia is enjoying her forever home. It has been almost a year. She is a loving dog.
Sheryl Walker Buttons thanks you!
J.W. Cook
Leslie and Mary Overstreet
Merry Christmas!
Kandee Isam Thanks to the angels of Wee Rescue to protect these wonderful best friends!
Barry Hayes You do a great job!
Nona May In joy of Tucker, in loving memory of Humphrey and Gus
Cori McCray
Jan Scurlock
Riff & I are still together. We visit our healthcare center every Friday. I'm glad I still have him!
Michael Owens
Sunil Gadgil
Wee love you guys and the work that you do! Our little girl Maggie (she was Victoria when y'all had her) came from you. She
says hi and Merry Christmas!
Michelle Lilley
Olga Carbahal
Christmas Donation. Merry Christmas!
Joan McClendon
Myles Fox
Keep up the good work!
Sharon Hillhouse
Erin Thorington
Linette Edwards
Donna Gunter
Carol Hartunian
Donna Goldfeder
Karthikeyan Dharmarajan
Cheryl Kener
Corinne Shigemoto
Sharon Lutz
Laura McCarley
Merry Christmas from Mr. Woo!
Rhonda Wunderlin Thank you for all you guys do!! Love my 2 babies I got from your organization 8 years ago!
Diana Fairbrother
Beverly Ross
Leslie Godwin
Bill Vokes
Thank you for Scruffy

November 2017
Diane Bennett  In memory of Johnny Burgess.
Tim Boyes
Karen Ackerman
in memory of Johnny Burgess
Linda Eppes in memory of Johnny Burgess

October 2017
Joan McClendon
Linda Swedberg
for Franklin's and Schatzi's medical expenses

September 2017
Eva Harriman

August 2017
Roy Palacio
Jan Ryan
Kristyne Raley

July 2017
April Kessler
David Lynch
This donation is for the dog Franklin's medical expenses.
Jeff Capra

June 2017
Davonne Lewis
Woven West
Karen Wilce

May 2017
Dallas and Jo Albers Thank you for our Clementine!
Charley Carver in memory of Brigitte Carver.
Brian Otto

April 2017
Kristi Layala In memory of Missy. Thank you for her, and for taking care of all the Wee dogs.
Kathryn and Alan Zenk
Elizabeth Pollei
Howard and Susan Nichols
in celebration of our Wee Rescue love of our life, Zach. Rescued in 2008
Sneakers & Heels PI and Trial Work
Karen Swartz
Lisa Sears
Thanks for taking care of these wee ones!
Ellen Dart

March 2017
Shashe Allen in memory of Brigitte Carver
Cynthia Milne for Schatzi's surgery
Dave, Ginger and Audrey Grissom and Ed and Linda Copeland in memory of Brigitte Carver, a real animal lover and supporter of Wee
Rebecca Martinez A small thank you for my Wally and a Huge thank you to Tonya Bock for her great work.
Cecilia Galliano in memory of Penelope
Karen Swartz

February 2017
Ginger and Dave Grissom In memory of Nancy Guerra from Audrey, Dave and Ginger
Cheryl Choddick I was lucky and blessed by my 2 pups in my life. I love Wee Rescue. Thank you!
Harriet Castro
Carolyn Muise
Rochelle Danielson
I hope this helps save a little dog!
Brian Otto
Thomas Walsh
Barbara Johnson
Honor of Sidney Barry Johnston
Karen Swartz
Abbie Blair Baxter
Myles Fox
Thank you for your care of older and sick dogs.

January 2017
Ronald and Nancy Lehde
Susan Kruemcke
In memory of Nancy Guerra. I worked with Nancy for many years and became good friends. After her health issues forced
her to retire, I think that working as a foster for your group was a blessing to her. She loved to share stories of her fosters and was always
thrilled when one got a forever home. We will all miss her.
Lauren Dunagan This small donation is from the Toni Stark Dunagan and Pepper Potts dunagan (the twins) who rescued us almost 4 years
Lara Norris In honor of petsitter/foster, Dianne Hyde
William P. Danforth, Jr.
Lynn and Marv Meyers
Almost 2 years since we got our baby girl from Wee Rescue--she's fabulous! Thank you!
Carol Hudson My girl, Mariah, means more to me than I do to her!
Terry and Sharon Vaughn
Johnny and Tina Burgess
Donn and Jeanette Levie
Matthew and Julianne Lyons
for Dianne Hyde
Ernest and Virgina Wentreck
Sommer Boecker
Sharon Maureen Goff
in memory of Nancy Guerra, who dedicated her life to our little Wees.
Sally Hanners We have loved our rescue "Abby" for 7 years. So grateful to Wee Rescue for our wonderful dog!
Cynthia Milne
Alexandria Romo
We love Wee Rescue! Thank you for helping us find the perfect dog.
Jennifer Vitera
Joseph Roberts
In memory of Nancy Catterton Guerra
Karen Bucy In memory of Nancy Catterton Guerra

December 2016
Richard and Barbara Orville Thunder is such a happy dog. He is friends with everyone in the neighborhood, including the works doing
construction near us.
Mike and Sandy Green In memory of Snicker and Dreamer
Lori Bainbough Thanks to all the volunteers!
Carol Ann De Felice
Hugh and Mary Lane Holcomb
The Gadgils
H.E. Specion
William Korbus
Saving Dogs!
Christie Stokes In honor of our Wee, Joey
Laird Cameron
Michael Owens
Will and Lauren Kelly
In honor of our Wees
Shawn Brack Thanks for all you do. We love our Zoey (Tribble)
Lisa Hummel From RIP in heaven, Vinny, Milo and Burrito
Joan and Rick Reed Forever grateful for our precious Bailey...Eleven years and counting!
Sue and Rick Keller
Alice Duerr
Thank you to Mary Witt and Nancy Thomas
Julie Moore It's a pleasure to help out our Wee Little Ones!
Lisa and Steve Quay
Cori McCray
Thank you for helping God's Special Gifts to Mankind.
Bob and Donna Burgess
Lori Hill
Merry Christmas
Ann Olsen
Kathy Hamilton
Jeffrie Ann Chambers
Annie the Shih Tzu is doing fabulous, We and her brother Butch lover her silly self!
Geraldine Comer In memory of Remmy and Tae
Meredith and Colin Sembello Thank you for all you do! Meredith, Colin and Wee Alum Jeffrey
Jeffrey and Vicki Rowe In memory of Marit who we lost in October
David and Susan Baer
Sean and Jennifer Fagan
Gretchen Munday
Joan McClendon
Sheryl and Robert Walker
Jan Scurlock
Every Friday, I take Riff to see people in our health center. He gets lots of loving!
Linda Lansdowne
J.W. and Marilyn Cook
Cecelie and Phillip Engle
Joelene Evans
Andrea Handy
Thank you for all you do for these doggies!!
Jan Hargrove Habitzreiter
George and Stephanie House
In honor of Taffy and Beth
Paula Burns
Mark Clements
For Artie, best Dog I've ever had. Wee Rescue saved him for me.
John Martin
Nona May
In joy of Tucker (Beckett) and fond memories of Gus and beloved Humphrey
Lea, Mike and Redford McDonald Thank you for letting us adopt Redford 7 years ago. Merry Christmas to everyone.
Judy and Ron Brown in honor of J.J.
Kathy and Loyd Arnold Bless All God's Creatures, great and small, and especially those who come through Wee Rescue!
Bea Guerra
Susan Cage
Jennifer Rue
Merry Christmas!
Judy and Newt Hamlin Little Harley is doing GREAT! Thank you!
Karen Larson
Robert Kattness
Sophie has been with us for 3+ months. She is doing great with her own house, beds, cat, TV cushion and Lots of Love!
TerraCaching Foundation to honor Debra and Jeff May who saved a lost soul from the Snow and is my way of returning good karma.
Joni Beth Elson
Deena and Joseph Grissom
Ginger and David Grissom
Audrey and David Grissom
Myrna and Michael Martinez
Julie and Bill Strong
in honor of all our wonderful fosters and volunteers
Sunny Johnson
Donald Johanson
in memory of Janet Carpenter
Bill Vokes
David Nimmons
I adopted my dog Murray from Wee rescue about 7 or 8 years ago. His name was Pip when I adopted him. He is doing great.
Thanks for all you do.
Jenalou Hunsuck Merry Christmas to Carole Rider
Suzanne Zeitouni in honor of Carl and Suzanne Gregory
Linda Mura
Andrea Boruta
Please use this for your special needs dogs/medical expenses. Thank you!
Kari Rivas With gratitude for Charlie the Shih-tzu, love of my life!
Leslie Godwin
Linette Edwards
Quincy Morris
Ranita Nunn
In honor of my Wee Rescue, Holly. Thanks for matching us.
Ron Huff
Kent and Carolyn Smith
in memory of Dobie, a senior rescue dog.
Janet Wachsmath
Rose Pace
Let's help our little babies!
Jean Nelle Pippa, Wee Rescue 2011, and Emmy wish all rescues a forever home like they have--very spoiled pups.
Kandee Isam You all do such good work!! I have loved all the sweet rescue dogs from you.
Mike and Mary Ann Pickering for Martha Pickering
Joanne and Charles Easley I adopted Rocky from you in June of 2001. Dear Rocky passed away on August 20, 2016. His big, loving heart
gave out after he developed heart failure. I will never forget him. Thank you for saving him.
Marisue Miller
Sue and Clark Miller
We send this because of Ginger, Dave and Audrey Grissom. These friends do so much for your organization and we
wish to recognize their efforts. Keep up your great work! We thank all of you!
Jim and Geraldine Boyce We are so happy we found Sammy on your site. Thank you!
Donna Goldfeder
Frances Yetter
Looking forward to fostering again someday.
Terry Ann Sovey We adore our Wee Rescue Tinks!
Mike Witt Thank you for all you do for these puppy dogs.
Kathie Goode God Bless each of you! Keep up the hard work!
William Rush
Carole Rider
Thank you, Wee Rescue, for all you do!!
Doug and Glenda Bossen We are grateful for your work and our adopted Daisie. Louise Albers
Kim Weete
Jana Wright
Sooli came to mee in 2006 and we are still having a beautiful life. Michael and Shelley Ebeling
Corey Carter
Kathryn and Alan Zenk
God bless you all!
Trevor Smith In Memory of Hettie, Mandy and Marissa
Amy Meyer Dale was adopted from Wee Rescue in 2003 and left us this year. I moved Dagnabit, adopted from Wee Rescue in 2004, to the
mountains of North Carolina to let him have the last part of his life in cooler weather. Thank you for all these years with my boys.
Eduardo and Jennifer Murray-Chavez
Patti and Jerry Ryan of Heritage Boot Company
Our two babies from you, Pinkerton and Izzy, are doing great. We got a third rescue
named Lacy. It is a wonderful life, indeed.
Betty Stapp
Marie Conoley
Thank you, Wee Rescue for caring for the dogs.
Chris and Jack Lanman and Arcie, our Wee Rescue! Thank you for all you do!
Walt and Fran Holt
Violet Leff
Jenny wants to tell you she hopes you all get your forever homes like she did January 20, 2012.
Brigitte Carver
Joni Sula
Judy Frost and Ricky Ticky
Craig and Virginia Freeman
Support Wee Rescue, so they can help others adopt wonderful and deserving rescues like we did.
A.J. and I.W. Herrick Keep on Keeping on.
Dick Carr
Hildegarde Johns
Kathleen and Wallace Ostrom
Laura and Michael Sledge
Bascom Barry Hayes
Margaret H. Sherwood
Thank you for your work saving little dogs.
Lee Ann Hackler
Steven and Kathy Winkler
Shane and Nicole Herman
Happy New Year 2017!
Judy Swinehart
Allen and Joan King
Merry Christmas to All!
Lisa and Patton Chmelar Merry Christmas!
Jeannie Pate
Laurie Stegemueller
Dani Macfarlane
Max aka Standing Bear thanks everyone for rescuing him. This donation is for all!
W.O Shultz II Keep up the wonderful work you do!
Karen Swartz Merry Christmas from the Swartz'!
Elaine Phillips In honor of our sweet Buddy, formerly Carmelo!
Sylvian Ung
Diana Halvorson
Matthew and Karin Torgerson
A donation in honor or Gabriel Torgerson. Merry Christmas, we are so thankful for Gabe.
Mary Kuse In honor of Joy Furman and her work for Wee Rescue.
Christine Tretta
Brad Haerle
In Honor of the work Lynda Eliades is doing for Wee Rescue.
Joy Furman Nothing brings me greater happiness than fostering with Wee Rescue. What an incredible group. Happy Holidays!
Virginia Flewelling-Leeds This donation is being made in honor of a beautiful and kind animal lover and advocate, Mrs.Kim Forstner
Sherry Lewis Toby (adopted 11/8/2014) continues to be a greater blessing to us with each passing day. Thank you all for the work and love
you give our "Blessings" before they come into our lives. Merry Christmas to the whole Wee Rescue Team.
Sharon Hillhouse
Jason Yarger
for the Pups from Lee Loo (formerly Mouse)
Tami Dodson
Laura McCarley
Michael Smothers
from Michael, Sergio and our Wee Rosie

November 2016
Patty Lecornu
Ronald Revell
Patricia Petrach

October 2016
Deborah Bowman
Karen Marengi
Kathy Russell

September 2016
Rebecca Danford
Diane Hodges Popps
Ginger and David Grissom
in memory of Julie Strong's father
Karen Swartz for all that Barb and Tom do!
Shannon Johnson

August 2016
Ron and Berny Thomas in memory of Porche Louise Villalobos of the Teresa and Rich Lautzenheiser family
Alan and Kathryn Zenk Thank you, Wee Rescue, for our dear Paisley!
Joyce Etherington
Petco Foundation
Ginger and David Grissom
Karen Welty
Brian O'Connor
Get well, Lee Anna!
Paula Burns

July 2016
Alan and Kathryn Zenk
Carolyn Muise
Ginger and David Grissom
Tracy and Belinda Hammock
Harriet Castro
Lisa Cavin Ferriola
Shannon, Aaron Bentle
In memory of: Eileen Raben (Grammy)
Nicole Nadvornik
Sherry Lewis
for Lee Anna
Sherrie Fox
Rosemary Gaitan
Lisa Spivak
Rosanna Hill
Jeanine Harper
Ron Revell
Kayla Brightkrite
Victoria Garcia
Barbara Laurent
To help Lee Anna From: Harry, Best Lhasa Ever :^)
Bill Brock in honor of Deborah Webb's Birthday!
Anna-Marie Phelps in honor of Deborah Webb's Birthday!
Susan Caton and Lee Brimberry of A1 Clean Sweep the good Samaritans who saved Jasper and Jewel from the roadside
Pamela Burton
Elder Options
Thank you and keep up the good work!

June 2016
Richard and Marilyn Hoeth
Betty and Wing Chow
in memory of Cowboy Johnston
The Compass Centre
Myles Fox
Keep up the good work!
Maxine Foust
Lisa Hummel
Kristin Patton
Elizabeth Lee
Kathryn and Alan Zenk
Cheryl Kener
Shoal Creek Consultants
Glynis Davis
Adrianna Noel Nail
Leigh Sullivan
Hi, I saw your post on Facebook and that you needed funds. My little Pimm (formerly Idgie/Tiny) is a Wee Rescue. Hope this
little bit helps.
Tricia Gossett
Judith Butts
Sarah Rioux
Alexis Mellem
Frances Knox
Kasey Johnson
Kyndall Maresh
Cathy Robbins
Vanessa Fabrega
Sandie Risinger
Sue McEwen
please put this towards the medical funds needed for those precious little ones.
Ronald Revell
Marisse Ruales
Craig Pruitt
Rossana Hill
Jeff Meek
Shannon Kelley
Erica Worthy
Lisa Kennedy
Sandy Burton
Raul Solis
Daron W Yeauger
Thank you for all that u do for these beautiful furbabies :)
Deborah Webb
Tara Goodwin

May 2016
Andrea Handy
Anita Villarreal
Sharon Vaughn
Lominta Loving Loftis People Helping People Foundation
Ginger and David Grissom
Daniel Tamayo
Laura Frederick

April 2016
Tomlinson's Feed & Pets
Maryse Muglia
Carolyn Muise
Grace Wu
for any senior dogs
Sandra Cross
Joan McClendon

March 2016
Joyce Lauck In Honor of Anne Province.
Audrey Hansing
Mariann Wizard
Paula Burns
Susan Nichols
We have so enjoyed our love and joy, Zach.
Ginger and David Grissom
Susan Whatley
Tracey Shahan

February 2016
Aetna Foundation
Kathy Goode
Christine Monzingo
Meredith and Colin Sembello
Thank you for our sweet Jeffrey and all you do for the Wee dogs!
Frantz and Jill Etienne for Toto
Audrey and Ernest Winter in memory of Shirley Conley
Betty Chow in memory of Huey Butera, beloved pet of Joe & Kim Butera; and memory of Daisy beloved pet of Ms. Sidney Johnston
Donna Presley Fultyn for Franklin
Elizabeth and Alfred Pollei
Carolyn Muise
Carrie Hernandez
Patricia Petrarch

January 2016
Sephora Arboretum
Melissa Balsam
Karen Fowler
Andre Wiedijk
Judy Brown
in memory of J.J.
Sara Simpson in honor of Dianne Hyde, Maggie's foster mom
Mary Jean Caffrey
Sue Ellen Hearn
Diane Kennedy
Gretchen Munday
Rochelle Danielson
Thank you for taking in little animals and loving them!
Michael and Patricia Goddard Macho Birthday Gift!
Claudette Bellocchio
Frances Yetter
Germaine (Gerry) Lesseps
Thank Goodness for Wee Rescue!
Valerie and Scott Hutchison for Hailey
O.P. Auto Sales Keep up the good work!
Ginger and David Grissom
BlackFinn Ameripub
Alice and Alex Cathro
Terry Ann Sovey
Kyle Woods
Karen Swartz
a late Christmas donation!
Dolores Dougherty
Chery Kener
in memory of Bella Arvay
Jean Ann Fennell in Memory of Nelson who we adopted in 2003. Thank you for all you do for the little ones and for the families fortunate to
be chosen by them!

2015 Donors
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dedicated to rescuing Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus,
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