Thomas and Donna Gunter
Charles and Lois Holmbeck
Shannon Kelly
Kathy Nugent-Arnold
Deborah Bowman
Vicki Myatt
Maddie continues to be such a delight and the love of my life, but she has never lost that mischieveous streak that she came with.
She is so smart and has such a personality. She is a very spoiled sweetheart.
Jo E. Albers thanks for Clementine!
Kathleen Hamilton
Robert and Maria Baker
Anne Province
Harriet Castro
Bettye Williams
David Nicastro and Susan Baer
Ira Lepstet
Pat Sprague
William and Lauren Kelly
Kathie Goode
Matthew and Julianne Lyons
Jan Scurlock
in honor of Ripp
Carol Halstead
Sharon Vaughn
Marlene Smith
Keep up the good work!
Lara Norris in honor of foster parent - Dianne Hyde
Sherri Porterfield In memory of MacGee and Casey (Grover)
Joan & Rick Reed with endless gratitude for our bailey & all the dogs you embrace
Donn and Jeanette LeVie
Cecelia Galliano
in memory of Penelope
Marlene Smith
Diane Gomez
In gratitude for having Lili-Poo in my life since she came from Wee Rescue in 2004.
Jeff and Debra May
The Walkers
Keep up the good work! Buttons has brought much joy to the family and has a good relationship with Marcie, Allie, and Dexter
John Martin
Ann Olsen
Thank you for all the good work that you do!
Danny and Stacy Solis No Wee left behind!
Steven and Kathy Winkler Woof Woof!
Karen Morgan Happy New Year! Here's a small donation to help with the vet costs of the sweet dogs that need help. Still trying to get settled
and organized here in Oregon. Haven't forgotten Wee and try to keep up with new and adopted dogs.
Shannon Kelley
Gus Boruta  
We adopted Gus (formerly "Jarvis") from Wee Rescue in 2003 & lost him to cancer in 2013. Not a day goes by that we don't miss
him. Thanks to Wee Rescue for all of your great work!
Trudi and Dana Capotosto
Casey Clem
Joseph Kalapach
For Carson or whatever you might need
Christine Tretta
Kathryn Sharp
Corey Carter
Alice Cathro
Laura McCarley
Linette Edwards
Ronald Revell
Carole Rider
Teresa and Donald Pekar
Bea Guerra
Brigitte Carver
The Moore Family
Dani Macfarlane
Thanks so much for rescuing Max (aka Standing Bear). He is such a delight.
San Diego Maintenance Service
James Thomas
James and Kathryn Lasmit
in memory of our Pekes: Chi, Hope, Joy, Sissy and Dolly.
Olga Carbajal I hope this contribution helps keep more dogs safe and into good homes. I adopted Charlie (was Carlo) about three years ago
and he always makes me laugh and smile because he is just so happy all the time (even though he drives me crazy a lot of times, too!) Thank
you for all you do!
Linda and David Socha
Betty Stapp
Kristi Ayala
Karen McMackin
Kent and Carolyn Smith
Bruce and Maggie Hall
John and Janet Wachsmuth
Jeffrie Ann Chambers
Andrea Handy
Diane Linder
in honor of Misty - a wonderful Wee Rescue
Michael & Laura Sledge Merry Christmas from Rex!
Amy Morgan-Newton
Phillip and Cecilie Engle
Mary Jane Ramirez
Carol Lyle
Joanne and Charles Easley
Josefina Franco-Alvarado
Charles Holmbeck
in memory of Shaggy, Clooney and HenryJudy Swinehart
Bill and Julie Strong
Lori Hill
in memory of Lexi
Mike Witt Thanks for all you do - Mary Witt. Love you!
Shawn, Amy and Zoe aka "Tribble Merry Christmas
Joan Sula
Joe & Phyllis Rizzo
William Bowne Associates, Inc.
Patsy Beheler
Laurie Stegemueller
Merry Christmas
Rahel and David Eden
Donald and Rebecca Johanson
donation in memory of Janet Carpenter
Margaret O'Connell Land
Violet Leff
Carol Ann De Felice
Thank you for your help in the past!
Craig Freeman and Family
Richard and Barbara Orville
Thunder continues to be Mr. Personality Plus. All the children at the bus stop love him and even the workmen
building a house down the street know him by name.
Connie Shelton
Ritchie Mintz
Bill and Barbara Townsen
Leslie Goodwin
We are so grateful for your organization. We adopted Charleston aka Lefty four years ago, and he is the love of our lives!
Beverly and James Tolbert
Dan and Diana Halvorson
Dick and Libby Carr
Sheila August
Thank you so much for Freddie. I can't imagine my life without him. He truly is the love of my life.
Heide Specion donation from a former Wee Rescue dog named "Monkey" who is very happy now.
Margaret and Gordon Dunkley
George and Stephanie House
Kathryn Goodyear
Deborah Bowman
Damron & Company Salon
Mike and Sandy Green
in memory of Snickers and Dreamer - still missing our girls!
Donna Goldfeder
Janice Doerner and John A. Sloop III
Cori McCray
Love thos "Wee" Babies!!!
J.W. Cook
Tom W. Carpenter, Jr.
Thanks for giving us Reagan - he is loved since 2012!
Jan Habitzreiter In honor of Diego (now Pepper)
Tami Dodson
Mark Clements
We thank you and God every single day for bring Artie into our lives. He is the best dog ever!
Thomas and Wendy Bryan
Chris Lanman
Thank you for all you do!
Susan and Richard Keller
Jean Nelle
Pippa Renee - adopted 7/2011. She is fantastic! Thanks!
Shane and Nicole Herman
Holly Mace Massingill
in honor of Melissa Maeker and her dog, "Winky." In lieu of a closing gift, she chose a donation to Wee Rescue!
Thanks so much for all the great work you do!
Darby Norris and Abigail earned from these sweet girls selling lemonade!
Donna and Tom Gunter We love our rescue (Chloe) we adopted from Wee Rescue. She is a part of our family!
Dave and Ginger Grissom Happy Holidays to all our Friends and Family!
Karen Larsen in honor of my little rescue, Joy!
Martha Pickering You all are great! Keep up the good work!
Eugenia Harrell
Jennifer Murray-Chavez and Eduardo Chavez
Phyllis Whitt
Kim Weete
for Babs in memory of Winston
Elizabeth Pollei
Greg and Glenda Watkins
for Bella
Joelene Evans
Neal and Pam Armstrong
Allen and Joann King
Touch a few Hearts!
Jack Morrison, LCSW
Megan Collins
Sharon Hillhouse
Heritage Boot Company
Sunil Gadgil
Thank you for the work you do! We adopted Victoria in June 2014 and she is doing great!!!
Alice Cathro
Kasey Lough
Jenalou Hunsucker
This is my Christmas gift to Carole Rider who has adopted from you.
Edward Doheny
Elaine Phillips
Stephanie Becker
Shirley Scott
Sherry Lewis
We have had Bennet, now named Toby, for a year and he is a complete joy. Thank you for all you guys do
Cheryl Kener
Terry Ann Sovey
Nadine Aly
for Carson
Barb Vernold
Brian and Sommer Boecker
Joel and Laurel Reed
in honor of Rocky and Rigby
Lea and Michael McDonald Please use this money wherever it is needed most. We got our Redford 6 years ago and he is the best dog we
have ever had. Bless you for your work.
Carol Hudson and Maria Elizabeth Mariah and I give each other the gift of love every day.
Douglas and Glenda Bossen Love our Daisey we've had since 2006.
Hugh and Mary Lane Holcomb We really appreate all the time you all have spent with us. We so admire your dedication to Wee Rescue.
Dave Hinds and Sam Sutherland Korey and Nixon want to wish Everyone at Wee Rescue "Happy Holidays."
Rodney and Liz Lee
Donna and Robert Burgess
Cynthia Milne
for Rachael and other elderly dogs or dogs need vet care.
Kandace Isam in memory of Gracie, Patsy Beheler's dog.
Michael Owens
Judy Frost
I rescued Ricky & he is a my perfect angel. Thank you so much!
Pamela McCamish
Jana Wright
Sooli continues - at a slower pace - to bright my life. What a blessing she has been for all these years!
Steve Lindsey Hi, from Kelsey and Ella
Helen Rumbaut We love Wee Rescue! It's where we found our forever dog, Buddy.
Amy Thea Meyer
Judy Swinehart, Miss P, Toto and Kallie
Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for the things you do to save
the furbabies.
Marisue and Clark Miller for the Grissoms
Martha Pickering
Susan Cage
Ron and Jane Huff
One of the best dogs we've ever had - thanks to Wee Rescue
Kathleen and Wallace Ostrom

November 2015
Sandra Cross
Elizabeth Pollei
Christina Buchanan
Mary Witt
Jo Annah Potts
Tomlinson's Feed and Pets, Inc.
Mud Puppies Self Service Dog Wash
Barb Vernold
Maggie and Bruce Hall
Louise Albers
Alice and Alex Cathro
Suzanne Franklin
Cindy Pumphrey
Abigail Dietze
Karen Swartz
Gail Hughes
Ginger and David Grisson
Carolyn Muise

October 2015
Janice Paulk and Angie Doucet for Bogart
Cynthia Milne
Mary Witt
Cecile Hay
Russ and Michal-Lynn Jakala
Elizabeth and Alfred Pollei
Austin Republican Women PAC Fund
in memory of Robert Munday
Edgar and Linda Perry in memory of Robert Munday
Carolyn Muise
Alice and Alex Cathro
Kathryn Boccella
Terry and Karol Gabrielson
in memory of Robert Munday
Neal Larsen in memory of Dr. Robert Munday
Jacob Williams to help Carson
Melodie Weaver for Tiki
Sherry Workman in honor of Robert and Gretchen Munday
Jeannette Wagoner
Taryn Jones
Celia McDougal

September 2015
Barry Massey
Cindy Smiley
in memory of Robert Munday of Austin
Fred Gosling in loving memory of my friend, Robert Temple Munday, Jr. Diane Fulton
James Spates
in memory of Lucky Lulu Belle
Cheryl Warriner in memory of Dr. Robert Munday
Nancy Aziz for Buckley
David and Ginger Grissom
Sheena Faulkner
for Bella
Marisue and Clark Miller in memory of Dr. Robert Munday
Cynthia Milne
Angie Bustamenta
in memory of Dr. Robert Munday
Tamilyn Derryberry
Dave Hinds
for Ricky Ticky's medical care and a big thank you to Barbara Vernold for caring for him
Alexander and Alice Cathro
Linda Bodine

August 2015
Alexander and Alice Cathro
Nancy Schoenbucher
Aimee Romero Principe
Karen Swartz
for Ricky Ticky and to thank Barb for taking care of Des
Joy Furman
Trudy Horridge
Gregory Armknecht
For Gilbert. Get well soon, Buddy! Love, Ronnie
Benita Kay Please put this donation towards Gilbert's fund in honor of Angela Palmer
Lisa Chmelar
Julia Elizondo
Tara Watson
Cynthia Milne
Barb and Tom Vernold
for Ricky Ticky's medical expenses

July 2015
Tomlinson's Feed and Pets, Inc
Aetna Foundation
Ashley Schroat
for Ricky's medical expensions
Claudette Bellocchio
Ashley Silversmith
Ruth Tobey
Bill Brock
Happy Birthday, Aunt Deb!
Laurie and Michael Flood In memory of Bonnie Symington
Carolyn Muise
Ginger and David Grissom

June 2015
Ginger and David Grissom
Jason Cisneros
Christie Stokes
for Ricky Ticky's medical expenses :( poor fella.
Karen Swartz To thank Barb and Tom for all their help!!!

May 2015
Evelyn May Thank goodness for all you do with the dogs
James Kay
Sharon Symington
Catherine Herter
Gina Jackson
for Charlie Daniels
Carolyn Muise
Maria Baker
Lominta Loving Loftis People Helping People Foundation, Inc.
Ginger and David Grissom
Cynthia Milne
In memory of Muffet (formerly Bonnie fostered by Mary Witt.) Muffet passed away peacefully on Tuesday May 19 of kidney
failure. She was a wonderful little dog. I hope you use the money for your seniors, especially those with health problems.
Eric Chen In memory of our precious Jacob, who we got through your organization in 2001
Diane Linder
Matthew King
in the memory of Bonni Symington
Rosemary Gaitan

April 2015
Patricia Goddard
Carolyn Muise
Joan Mims
to care for rescued dogs
The Petco Foundation
Karen Moore
appreciate what you do. Love my little rescued boys
Meredith Budwin in memory of Walter, who was the long-time four-legged friend of Jenni and Justin Balthorp
Wendy Wilson

March 2015
Carolyn Muise
Karen Fowler
Michael Arnold
Ginger and David Grissom
Howard & Susan Nichols
Thanks so much for all that you do for all of these wonderful creatures. Zach, our pride and joy, everyday, we got
from you back in 2008
Betty Stapp
Cecilia Galliano
Jeannette Wagoner
Karen Swartz
Lauren Galindo
for Charlie Daniels
Heaven Sampayo

February 2015
Carolyn Muise
Elizabeth Pollei
Deena and Joseph Grissom
Keep up the good work
Tammy Thompson
Kelley Kendall
Miriam Kagan
Deborah McGee
Claudia Davila
Jack Morrison

January 2015
Diane Gomez 11 years after adopting from Wee Rescue, Miss Lili-Poo is happy and still going strong!
Lynn and Carey Gibson in memory of Jasmine, the best little Lhasa "girlfriend" and Elliot, the best little Shih Tzu "boyfriend."
Wanda Moore
Alice Duerr
Carl and Mary Jo Browning
Melissa Balsam
Thanks for my fur baby! Without Wee Rescue, I wouldn't have the sweetest doggy in the world. Hickory has made our family
Peggy Dial in memory of Barney (a Wee rescue), who passed away one year ago and was loved by Mark and Rob.
Ernest Wentrcek
Carolyn Muise
Patricia Bliss
Charlotte McCord
Holly Berent
Donn and Jeannette Levie and Asher and Preston
Vicki Myatt
Maddie continues to be our little sweeheart.
Patsy Beheler In memory of Pam McCamish's dear CoCo
Theresa Lopez Thank you for giving Ziggy and all the others a chance to live happy lives with families that love them.
Janice Doerner
David Nimmons
Karen Swartz

2015 Donors
Our Donors 2015
dedicated to rescuing Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus,
and Pekingese from Central Texas shelters. Our
mission is to place these homeless dogs into
safe, loving, permanent homes in Greater Austin

We are a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are
tax deductible. Visit our
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