December 2014
Mike and Mary Pickering in honor of Martha Pickering
Charles Utzman for Bojangles
Bill and Julie Strong in honor of all of our fosters and volunteers from the Strong Tzu
Donald & Teresa Pekar give home and love to every rescue dogs get a forever home
Dianne and Melvyn Hyde Merry Christmas!
Judy and Ron Brown in memory of "J.J."
Judith Grimes
Rose Pace
Betty and Wing Chung Chow
Julie Moore
David Nicastro and Susan Baer
Michael Merritt
One of the most wonderful organizations period.
Harriet Castro
Joanie and Rick Reed
Endless gratitude for Bailey and for all your compassionate work on behalf of the Wees.
Sue and Rick Keller
Pat Van Sprague
We still love our little Moby!
Valerie Martin
Ann Olsen
Thanks for the work you do.
Ruben Alvarado and Josie Franco-Alvarado
Bettye Williams
Shirley Scott
Felipe and Ana Salazar
Suzette Ashworth
in memory of Hoagie, a wonderful Wee Rescue Shih Tzu
Lori Hill
Chris Walker and Andre Wiedijk
Kathie Goode
Sharon and Terry Vaughn
Fiona Hendry
Jennifer Rue
Linette Edwards
Kasey Lough
James Kay
Jeannette Wagoner
Courtnie Tate
Lisa George
Elaine Phillips
Greg Hickson
Rhonda Wunderlin
Glenn Rosilier
Janna Bankston
Karen Swartz
Alexis Potaman
Stephanie Becker
Ione and Ronald Reder
Bob and Sheryl Walker
Thanks for all you do. We are so happy with our little Buttons. She brings joy to all who meet her!
Scott Manson and Diane Black Thank you for allowing us to adopt Tula, formerly known as Gabby. She has been a joy!
Andrea Boruta In memory of Gus. The best dog that ever lived. We will hold him in our hearts forever!
Violet Leff
Michael Owens
Laura and Michael Sledge
Love from Rex
Mary Carter
Marlene Smith
Keep up the wonderful work you do!
Kathryn and Jim Lashmit 5 precious pekes: Chi, Hope, Joy, Sissy and Dolly
Andrea Jean Handy
Sherri Porterfield
Your organization is amazing! Thank you for all you do for these sweet "furbabies."
George and Stephanie House
Laird Cameron
Julie Atchley
Neal Armstrong
John and Janet Wachsmuth
Ardyth (Pinki) Herrick Keep up the good work!
Meredith and Colin Sembello Thank you for all you do! And thank you for our wonderful dog, Jeffrey, adopted in 2011.
Charles and Lois Holmbeck In memory of Clooney, Shaggy, Henry and Toby
Howard de Pree
Dick and Libby Carr
Karen Carson Ellie aka Faith has been the joy of my life. She is a big hit on the trail.
Ron and Sue Revell
Eugenia Harrell
Brigitte Carver
Carl, Sylvia and Owen Whalen Thanks!
Carole Rider
Doug and Glenda Bossen
Marisue and Clark Miller
Ken and Jeannie Pate
Albert and Martha Alexander
Frances Yetter
William Vokes
Patt and Jerry Ryan We love our 2 dogs from Wee Rescue! Thank you for your hard work in rescuing these wonderful dogs.
Patsy Beheler I have had my wonderful dogs for 10 years this month. Everyday is pure pleasure.
Laurie Stegemueller
Donald Johanson
Craig Freeman Thank you for all the wonderful work you do!
Daniel Faurie in Loving Memory of BABY (Rye). We loved her so much.
Maggie Hall
Kathryn Hegar in honor of Mary Hegar. Mary has a purple heart and sliver star but these little dogs melt her heart.
Todd Fitch
Jo and Gene Wayman in memory of Winson
Janet Algase
Diana Halvorson
Kay Davis
Kristyne Raley
Rodney and Elizabeth Lee
Heide Specion This is a thank you for helping (Monkey) Charlie
Terry Ridgway
Kate Galligan
Jan and John Scurlock
Terry Secrest
Shelley Ebeling
Bill and Barbara Townsen
Allen and Joann King Diego says Happy Holidays!
Dani Macfarlane in memory of Charlie aka Freeway
Jeffrie Hall
Amy Meyer Thank you for my beloved dogs, Dagnaba and Dale, who are getting up there in years
Cecile Engle
Paul and Shannon Kelley with love from Paul, Shannon and Dusty (former Wee)
Bill Danforth and Sally Hanners
Phyllis Whitt
Richard and Barbara Orville Thunder is so loved b the neighbors that even the workmen building nearby know his name.
Kathleen Ostrom
Glenda Watkins Thank you for all you do!
Tom and Donna Gunter We have had our little girl from Wee Rescue for 3 years now. We lover her more every day.
J.W. Cook
Joan and Frank Crane
Irene Smith We love Daphne and Mo dearly. Thank you for all you do.
Mark Clements
Al Dodson You guys Rock! Thanks and Merry Christmas
Sharon Hillhouse
Sandi Fallon In Memory of our beautiful loving Madison Michelle that we adopted from you 11 years ago
Jennifer Read
Michael and Lindsey Gehrig Happy Holidays!
Margaret O'Connell Land
Sue Bicknese We lost Ottie last year but for 3 years, he was a very good dog.
Jana Wright Sooli is a gift to our family from Wee Rescue and we are happy to help others be as blessed.
Sue Ellen and Larry Hearn
Sunil and Kristin Gadgil You guys do amazing work! Keep it up--and we lover our little one Maggie who came to us from you!
Carol Hudson for Maria Elizabeth
Kent and Carolyn Smith
Christ Schmitt We adopted the best pet every 2-1/2 years agao. He is so appreciative of all.
Edwardo and Jennifer Chavez in loving memory of Rascal
Joe and Phyllis Rizzo
Tom and Elaine Carpenter, Jr. Thanks again for our Wee Rescue dog, Ragan. He has been a delight of our lives the past two
Sandy and Mike Green in memory of Snickers and Dreamer
Joelene Evans
Kim Summer Thank you!!!
Lea, Mike, and Redford McDonald We are so blessed in having "Red" in our life. We are lucky he lets us live with him. Thank
you for the great work you do.
Beatrice Guerra
Susan Cage
Ginger and David Grissom wishing Merry Christmas to their friends and family
Carolyn Muise
Crossing Animal Clinic and Happy Tails Pet Resort
Kandace Isam Thanks for all you do for the wonderful pets you and take and find homes for!
Jenalou Hunsucker as a Christmas gift to Carole Rider who loves and supports your rescue.
Laura McCarley in memory of Mr. Woo who was adopted from Wee Rescue.
Geri Pospisil
Lori Hammond In memory of our precious Grayson who we got from Wee Rescue in 2005, but sadly had to put him to sleep
November 14, 2013 due to stomach cancer. We miss him so dearly and loved him so very much.
Larry Groah
Pam Biskysnis in honor of Nelson, the wonderful dog my friend adopted from your organization.
Jean Hennagin
David Hinds because Korey and Nixon want to wish everyone at Wee Rescue a Happy Holiday! Thanks for all you do!
Patricia Petrarch

William and Karen Fowler
Gary and Jenny Shawn
Wing Chung and Betty Chow in memory of Mika Kilberg
Jill and Dick Beardsley
Bonni Symington
Joanne and Charles Easley
Maria Baker
The Petco Foundation
Karen Swartz for Barb and Tom watching our Des
Susan and Jeff Alt in honor of Pat and Wilson's dog, Austin
Marcie Woods-Mendoza
Cheryl Kener

Louise Albers
Kent and Carolyn Smith
Jennifer "Ginger" and David Grisson in celebration of their friend's Andrea Wichman's birthday. Happy Birthday, Andrea, from
Wee Rescue
Kathy Winkler
Barbara Laurent with Dell Matching in honor of Harry the Ultimate Lhasa

Mark and Linda Peterson for Beowoof because he needs it and looks like our Chewy!
Mary Diane Kime

Jennifer Coconate for Beowoof or any other dog in need in memory of her loving Shih Tzu Riley
Meredith Sembello for Beowoof
Morrie Larson for Beowoof
Karen Swartz
Annette Romero for Beowoof
Aimee Romero Principe
Diana Watkins
Nadine Aly
Cynthia Milne x 2!
David Lynch
Deborah Webb for Beowoof
Joan McClendon
Vicki Rowe to sponsor Margie
Carolyn Muise
Robin Hendrix in celebration of the wedding of Alison Walker and Brian Mooney

Jennifer and David Grissom
Gary and Jenny Shawn
Katie Bell
Erica Worthy
Mike and Connie Scott in memory of Mystic, much loved member of the Bill and Pat Korbus Family
Sandy Fallon
Barry Massey in Memory of Audry MacDonald (a Wee adopter)
Sandra Borowicz

Jena and Calvin Walker
Everett and Sandy Wood
Ronald and Judy Brown in honor of J.J.
Stephen and Lisa Quay
Ritchie Mintz for "Little Guy" Moore-Mintz
Hilary Jan Jackson for Logan
Barb Vernold
Jonny Vu in Memory of his Wee dog, Astro (formerly known as Briggs)
Monica McCrory
Marcie Mendoza In Memory of our sweet baby "Peanut" Mendoza who passed away on April 17, 2014. Thank you Wee Rescue for
finding our baby. She blessed our life and we spoiled her rotten! Words cannot express how much we miss her. Thank you for
all you do!
Angela Palmer
Vicki Rowe for Margie

Keshvi Dhingra
Barb and Tom Vernold

James Root
Karen and Brian Swartz
Tony & Lori Bainborough
Ginger and David Grisson in memory of Mo Ahmadi's father
Joan Heinsohn for Logan
Kimberly Edgington for Roscoe
Justin Lynch for Moppet

Ashley Silversmith
Carol Ann De Felice
Karla Slattery
Barbara Hastings
Nancy Guerra
Myrna & Michael Martinez
Melvyn & Dianne Hyde
Stephen & Susan Nichols
Gary & Jenny Shawn
Melissa & Richard Balsam
Frank Wallace
Ernest Winter
Michael Shutz
Gary, Jen, Shawn
Julie Strong
Dell (Matching donations)
Applied Materials (Matching donations)
National Instruments (Matching donations)

Cheryl Chaddick
Thank god for your organization! My pups have changed my life and brought so much joy & love to it.
New Digs For Pets!
Elizabeth & Alfred Pollei
Michael Shutz
Karla Slattery
David Hinds
Pretena Knight
Marsha Herbert
Carolyn Muise
John & Deb Sheets
Dianne Hyde
Tom & Barbara Vernold
Marcie Woods-Mendoza
In memory of Benita Woods and thank you for our blessing-Peanut a.k.a. Minnie
Diane Linder
Linda Sharp
Thanks for taking in little Freddie Tollette
Adam Lipson
This donation is in honor of Janet Carpenter from Kal Abdalla and his friends at Network & Security Technologies. Hoping that
her husband can find peace.
Dell (Matching donations)
Applied Materials (Matching donations)
National Instruments (Matching donations)

Sarochin & Gregory Tollete
Dereck & Martha Norwood
Nancy Guerra
Germaine Lesseps
Our little "Angel" we adopted has brought us much happiness.
Michael & Patricia Goddard
Thank you Wee Rescue for the wonderful addition to our family!
Lara Norris
Love my Wee - Brownie
Elizabeth & Alfred Pollei
Anne & Dave Tynan
In loving memory of our precious Stella!
Cheryl Kener
In memory of Stella Tynan
Cheryl Kener
In memory of Toby Ellis.
Peggy & Stephen Dial & Shearer
In memory of Barney, a Wee dog we loved for 11 years.
Beatrice Guerra
Albert & Martha Alexander
Terry & Sharon Vaughn
Cecilia Galliano
Nona May
In loving memory of Gus and Humphry and in delight of Beckham (Tucker).
Coraly Romero
Karla Slattery
David Nimmons
Andrea Boruta
In memory of Gus. The best dog that ever lived. We will hold him in our hearts forever.
Dell (Matching donations)
Applied Materials (Matching donations)
National Instruments (Matching donations)

2013 Donors
Our Donors
Wee Rescue is an all-volunteer organization
dedicated to rescuing Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus,
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mission is to place these homeless dogs into
safe, loving, permanent homes in Greater Austin

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