Laird Cameron
Margaret Dunkley
Patsy Beheler
Tami Doscon
Deborah Dalton
In Honor of Bristol - my sweet boy!
William & Karen Fowler
Clark & Sue McEwen
Julita Asher
Laurie & Andrew Mahnke
Robert & Donna Burgess
Violet Leff
Jenny (adopted 1-20-12) wishes all her peeps Happy Holidays!
Ernie & Ginger Wentrcek
Laurie Stegemueller
Mike & Sena Leese
In celebration of our Wee Rescue Patches (foremerly LuAnn)
Andrea Handy
Kathryn & Jom Lashmit
In honor of precious pekes - Chi, Hope, Joy, Sissy & Dolly
Anne Province
On behalf of my Wee - Birdie
Marlene Smith
Teresa Tipton
Steven & Kathy Winkler
Fiona Hendry & Chris Lynch
Rhonda Wunderlin
Kathy Russell
James Kay
Joan Sula
Kathryn Sharp
Linette Edwards
Elaine Phillips
Greg Pospisil
Kyle Woods
Uncle David & Aunt Vivian, Stretch and Rosie
Congrats to Maci for adopting John & Mary Caffrey. We know you will be a happy family.
Lauren & Will Kelly
In memory of our sweet Wee, Orson.
Dick & Libby Carr & Maddie
J. W. & Marilyn Cook
Carole Rider
Dani & Terry Macfarlane
Keep up the good work.
Tom and Elaine Carpenter
Jennifer Rue
Arturs & Judith Kozul
Wally & Kathy Ostrom
Carolyn Smith
In memory of Grayson.
Sheila Stuckey
We have had Monique (now Lucy) for over 10 years and love her! Thank you Wee Rescue.
Frances Yetter & Ronald Carriker
Chad & Brandi Hall
We thank the Wee Rescue for helping so many loving dogs!
Mike Witt
Matthew & Julianne Lyons
In honor of Dianne Hyde
Bettye Williams
Dave & Ginger Grissom
Craig Freeman
Douglas & Glenda Bossen
Geri Pospisil-Aldrich
Robert & Charlotte McCord
Crossing Animal Clinic
Andrew & Patricia Petrach
Matt & Maria Carlsen
Gary & Jenny Shawn
In honor of Verlyn Bowers.
Dale & Barbara Vernold
jennifer & David Grissom
Dogtoberfest Austin
Allen & Joann King
In honor of Diego.
Martha Casper & George Lewis
Lillian Anagnos
Michael Smothers & Sergio Durante, Jr.
Domingo & Mary Bustos
Meredith & Colin Sembello
Thank you for all you do. Our sweet Jeffrey (adopted in 2011) is such a joy!
Susan & Richard keller
Mary Dalton
In memory of Misty & in honor of Bristol.
William Danforth, Jr.
Sally Hanners
R. Neal Armstrong
Jan Hargrove Habitzreiter
In honor of Diego (now Pepper).
John & Janet Wachsmuth
Mark Clements
Bradley Brandt
Robert & Sheryl Walker
Mariann Wizard
Many thanks for all you do for the little guys.
Sherry Lewis
Michael Yee
Kasey Lough
Julie Strong
In honor of all the wonderful fosters and volunteers that donate so much of their time and
energy to help save our dogs.
Olga Carbajal
Diana Halvorson
Tonya Bock
Elmer, Janet & Amy Schlein
Jenalou Hunsucker
Marilyn Harper
In honor of Joye who we adopted in Feb., 2013.
David Nimmons
Kathie Goode
In Memory of Amelia & Darla Kay.
Charles & Lois Holmbeck
Brigitte Carver
Wendy Bryan
Karen & Charles Moore
Carl & Sylvia Whalen
Only place to get a dog! No, every place is wonderful!
Carolyn Muise
Happy Holidays! Thank you to Wee Rescue for all you do!
James Spate
Lea & Mike McDonald
Thank you for letting Redford become part of our family. He is a blessing.
Robert & Deborah Bowman
Hildegarde Johns
Lori Lynn Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Shultz II
Sue Fitzgerald
Mike Gehrig II
Happy Holidays to all the wee pups and their families.
David & Jean Hennagin
Thank you for Bones - the best dog ever!
James W. Roots, Sr.
Cynthia Milne
Marcie Woods-Mendoza
Thank you Wee Rescue for all you do! We adopted Peanut (aka Minie) from you and she has
been a blessing to our life!
Francis Knox
Maggie & Bruce Hall
Frank & Claudia Bonniwell
Donna Goldfeder
Joe & Phyllis Rizzo
Diane Gomez
My Wee Rescue dog Lili-Poo still living the good life since 2004.
Ms. Donna M. Sullivan
Glenda & Greg Watkins
Bella (formerly Trudy) is going great and is the love of our lives.
Terry Ridgway
Mark Ritter
Andre Wiedijk & Christopher Walker
Shirley Morrison
I adopted my precious Clover from Wee Rescue 4 years ago. She must know she was
she is wonderful.
Erik Lindfors & Sylvian Hien Ung
Sharon Hillhouse
Sandy & Mike Green
In memory of Snickers & Dreamer - forever in our hearts.
George & Stephanie House
We cherish our 2 rescues. Thanks for giving them another chance.
Paula Burns
Kim & Ed Dohney
Patti Ryan
Thank you for my two wonderful dogs - Pinkerton & Izzy, and thanks for all you do.
Sue Bicknese
Thomas & Donna Gunter
Chloe & the Gunters say Merry Christmas.
Joelene Evans
Mike & Mary Ann Pickering
Wing & Betty Chow
Donald & Teresa Pekar
For Marley and other foster dogs.
Susan Cage
Michael Ewens
Donald & Eugenia Harrell
Mary Frances Markley
Cynthia Smith
Rahel Eden
Stephanie Becker
Nikki Potenza
Happy Holidays! We are so happy to have our Liberty aka Libby Potenza Fuller thanks to
Wee Rescue. Warm Regards, Nikki, Dave, Libby and Charlie Fuller
S. Maureen Goff
In honor of Holly and Snuggy, our Wee dogs.
John Caffrey
Ritchie & Gloria Mintz
Thank you for our little guy!
Richard and Joan Reed
With endless gratitude for our precious Bailey.
Susan Baer
Karen & Bryan Swartz
Jean Nelle
Pippa, Emmy & Jean wish all a wonderful holiday & good health for the new year.
Steve & Linda Lansdowne
Chuck & Jan Utzman
Sherri Porterfield
In memory of Wee rescues Casey & MacGee. Thank you for all that you do.
Betty Stapp
Michael & Sara Simpson
In honor of Diane Hyde, our dog's foster mom.
Charles & Karen Moore
Amy Meyer
For my wonderful dogs, Dagnabet(12) & Dale(13).
Mary Matese
Richard & Barbara Orville
Thunder (Taz) has been such a wonderful addition to our family.
Jeannette Wagnore
Donn & Jeanette Levie
Merry Christmas to all the little Wees. We hope you find your forever family soon.
Ann Olsen
Thank you for everything you do!
Eduardo & Jennifer Chavez
In memory of Rascal
Julie Moore
John & Valerie Martin
Ellen Atchley
Ronals Revell
Harriet Chaiken Castro
Greg Hickson & Casey Clem
Cheryl Chaddick
Your service is a blessing for these pups. Thank you!
Kim Sumner
In memory of Winston.

Marsha Herbert
Kathleen Gillmore
Sandy Burton
Rosie Beniretto
Billie Alvarez
In memory of Janet Carpenter
Carolyn Pharr
In memory of Janet Rustin Carpenter
Linda Malin

National Instruments
Jennifer Grissom
Louise Albers
Constance & Ralph Spagnola
Richard & Barbara Orville
David & Linda Socha
Korye Logan
Rebecca Azari
Rachel Eden
Edward Talbet
National Instruments
Jennifer & David Grissom
In memory of Nancy G.'s husband
Phyllis Whitt
Wendy Smith
For Zoey
Kent & Carolyn Smith
Louise Albers
Janet Pennington
Carolyn Muise
Deb Webb
In memory of T.C. Brock
Carla Cox
For Sophia

James Spates
Janet Pennington
Carol Cone
For Jackie O
Laren Larson
Michael & Shelley Ebeling
In memory of Trooper
Tom and Barbara Vernold
In memory of their mothers

Elizabeth & Alfred Pollei
Tom & Barbara Vernold
National Instrument
Lisa Shepard
Robert & Charlotte McCord
Paul & Shannon Kelley
Susan Baer
Diane Botteicher
Jared Trone
William Blackmon
Julie Stong
Kande Isam
Bless Wee Rescue for rescuing these angels
Korye Logan
Julie Stong
In memory of Ed Guerra

Elizabeth & Alfred Pllie
Carolyn Muise
Anne & Charles Albertson
For Camille
Melvyn & Diane Hyde
RIP Gizmo

Javier Salinas
Through National Instruments
Tonya Bock
William Blackmon
Susan Baer and David Nicastro
Kim Nuzzo
For Maci
Shannon and Paul Kelly
In honor of Dusty and Wee dogs
Elizabeth & Alfred Pollei
Lisa Shepard
Diane Botteicher
Jarrad Trone
Julie S.
In memory of Wee dog, Charlea S.

Izumi and Michael Schutz
In memory of Doji
Dave and Ginger G.
In honor of Briggitte C's birthday
Karen M.
Elizabet & Alfred Pollei
Kent and Carolyn S.
For Hondo.

Gary and Jenny S.
In memory of our beautiful Charlea
Brigitte and Andy C.
We adopted Sheila, the new love of our life!
Maria B.
Kim S.
For Babs in memory of Winston
James S.
Diane and Melvin H.
For Baloo and his medical expenses
Dean S.
In memory of Tyler.
Tina B.
Jared T. and Diane B.
Dell Giving Program.
Jennifer and David G.
Katherine M.
In honor of Charlea Shawn, beloved Shih Tzu of Gary and Jenny
William and Karen F.
Elizabeth and Alfred Pollei
Lisa S.

National Instruments
Tina B.
Elizabeth & Alfred Polei
AT&T United Way Giving Program
Kim S.
Carmela, Robert, and Mandy H.
Thank you so much for Spencer and Rocko (aka Dozer)
Carolyn M.
Carl and Joyce W.
Tanice P.
For my friend, Ginger G.
David B.
Lisa S.
Deborah D.
For my little Bristal
John and Crystal G.
Rose P.
Karen M.
Jennifer and David G.
National Instruments
Elizabeth P.

National Instruments
Coraly R.
Mike and Kathy R.
In honor of Fletcher, whom we have had for 3 years now... he's our daily blessing. Many
thanks to Lynn and all the other Wee Rescue volunteers. Bless you for what you do.
Jonathan B.
In honor of Tonya's birthday.
Ernest Virginia W.
Laura N.
With love.
Claudette B.
Karen M.
John S.
Lisa S.
Elizabeth and Alfred P.
Diane B. and Jared T.
Dell Giving Program.
Kim S.
Heritage Boot
Happy New Year! Thank you for my two most wonderful dogs ever!

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