Our 2012 Donors

Ron and Judy B.
In honor of JJ Brown

Ronda C.
In memory of Remmy

Tom and Barb V.
Christmas donation

Dave and Ginger G.
Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to Andrea & David

Tina B.
Monthly donation

Lisa S.
Monthly donation

Carolyn M.
Christmas donation

Marsha H.

Mike and Sergio
Thanks for taking care of Rosie!

David L.

Chris G.
In honor of Charleston, previously Lefty. Thanks for taking such good care of him!

Sylvian U.

David N.
Murray, formerly Pip, is doing great! Thanks for all you do!

Peter B.

Bradley and Jocelyn B.
Keep up the good work!

William H.

Deanna H.

Bob and Deborah B.

Imelda N.
Thank you for the gift of Ana Marie and Penny! Those girls make our family whole!

Donald and Eugenia H.

Suzette A.
In memory of "Sam I Am" (RIP 2012)

Carl and Mary Jo B.

Elmer and Janet S.
For Amy.

James and Kathryn L.
In loving memory of Chi, Hope, Joy, and Dolly

George and Stephanie H.

Dani and Terry M.
Thanks for rescuing Charlie and all of the other precious Wees

Andre W.

Leslie H.
I adopted my beloved boy, Niles, from Wee Rescue in 2001

J.W. and Marilyn C.

Kathie G.
In honor of all of the Wee Rescue volunteers. Your dedication is what keeps Wee Resue alive

Bruce and Maggie H.
In honor of Zippy.

Sharon H.

David and Jean H.
Thank you for Bones, formerly T-Bone. We love him!

Martha P.
Many thanks! Hope this helps some critter have a good home!

Sterling and Frances S.

Mary D.
Thanks for Bristol.

Howard D.

Sherri P.
Many thanks for all you do! From Wee Rescue MacGee and in loving memory of Wee Rescue
Casey (aka Grover)

Anne T.

Vicki M.
For Margie's care.

Sandy, Ed, and Abby P.
Abby is the love of our lives!

Darrell and Alicia E.

Jean N.
Pippa loves her new sister, Emmy. Merry Christmas from all of us!

Kay H. and W.O. S.
Thanks for all you do for the homeless dogs and dogs that are in need of medical attention. Keep up the good work!

Gene M.

Harriet C.

San Diego Building Maintenance

Sharon J.
Thank you for Sophie from the bottom of our hearts!

Mary M.

Michael O.

H. Irene S.

Laurel N.
Thank for all you do for the Wees. We have a happy, healthy Rosey because of you!

Alden and Tami D.
In honor of Joy Beth who we adopted through you

Douglas and Glenda B.

John and Janet W.

Jack and Janet S.

Theresa L.
God bless all of the dogs out there and thank you for all you do for them

Terry R.

Pat V.

Steve and Linda L.

Juanita B.
Merry Christmas!

Betty S.

Julie and Bill S.
Merry Christmas to all the Wees!

Dan and Diana H.
Our support for all the work Mike and Lynda put in!

Buddy G.
Thank you for my Mom and Papa

Michael and Shelley E.

Ron and Sue R.
Merry Christmas to all the Wees and Wee Rescue

Chris L. and Fiona H.
Thank you for Teddy and Madeline

Sabina W.

Eduardo and Jennifer C.
In loving memory of our friend, Rascal

Gary and Jenny S.
Thank you for our Wees, Julie!

Diane and Melvin H.

Julie and Mark M.

Donna G.

Michael and Lindsey G.
Thank you for the best present ever! Hound

Donald and Teresa P.

Myrna and Michael M.

Greg and Glenda W.
Bella is wonderful! Thank you for all your hard work!

Liane S.

Larry and Karen W.
Quigley is doing great and we love him so much. He has become such a big part of our family

Phyllis W.
For Jim and the girls.

Dick and Libby C.

Paul H. and Patricia B.

Jana W.
Sooli sends her love to Wee Rescue

Joelene E.

Cynthia M.
For all the little Pekes. In memory of Spud

Franklin and Joan C.

Susan C.

Louise A.

Mystic, my little Shih Tzu, was born without eyes and is now 11 years old and thriving!

Kandace I.
Keep up the good work you do! In memory of Matha, Jack, Teddy, Tiger, and Chi Chin

Kim S.

Jenalou H.
In honor of Carole Rider.

Connie S.
In the name of William Korbus.

Peter B.

Kasey L.

Trenton V.
This gift if is gratitude for all of the wonderful work the volunteers do, especially Nancy who helped us complete our family with the adoption of
Fenway (formerly Pugsy)

Trevor S.

Elaine P.

Tonya B.
To the Wee Rescue team in heaven: My husband Jeff, Aunt Carol, and Momma Carolyn. To my Pumpkin Leo and my second foster Mojo

Josh M.
In honor of Kathie G.

Benjamin W.

Fidelity Charitable

James S.

Arturs and Judith K.

Frances Y. and Ronald C.

Jennifer and David G.
A donation Christmas gift for Paula J.

Beatrice G.

Martha C.

Lori H.

Steven and Kathy W.

Edward and Varian D.

Cheryl C.

Gerry L.

Judy W.

Larry and Sue Ellen H.

Edward and Vicki M.

Amy M. Jeanette and Don L.
Merry Christmas to all of our friends! Asher and Preston

Sally H.

Robert and Jennifer R.
Merry Christmas to all of the sweet animals you save!

Craig F.

Richard and Joan R.
With enduring gratitude for Bailey and the great work you do!

Rebecca M.
God bless you for what you do

Anne P.
Love and gratitude for Bridie - Wee Rescue Class of '07

Terry and Sharon V.
We have adopted 2 dogs from your organization and they have been such a blessing to us for the past 9 years. Thanks for all you do

Diane G.
Thanks, Wee Rescue for my Shih Tzu, Lili Poo

Carl and Sylvia W.
You are all the best! Owen is the best! Thanks for all you do!

Ron O.

Sheila S.
In honor of Lucy aka Dominique who we have had for 10 years

Robert and Donna B.
We are so thankful to have Wee Rescue to help the wonderful small dogs. Merry Christmas!

Alice G.

Marianne W.
The animals were the first to welcome Baby Jesus. This can't have been an accident

Anne L.
Happy New Year from Jen Codie and happy Wee Rescue alums!

Sandy and Mike G.
In memory of Snickers and Dreamer. You changed our hearts!

Marlene S.
God bless all of you! I adopted Scarlett, a Peke, several years ago

Kim S.

Alan G.
In the name of Ollie.

Doug and Kathy C.
Thanks for all you do! - Wee Rescues, Daphne and Mo (Morrie)

Carole R.

Neal A.

Cecilia G.

Marsha H.

Martha and Mark M.

Janice G.

Amanda S.

Chuck and Jan U.
We lost Bojangles December 2012 to a fast growing cancer. Sadness has a great hold on us. Thank you Wee Rescue for 10 years with our
sweet dog

Gregory H. and Casey C.

Teresa T.

Nona M.
In delight with our Humphrey and in memory of our beloved Gus "Smitty"

John and Valerie M.

Shirley M.
I adopted my precious Clover 3 years ago and she is still a joy to me. Thanks for all Wee Rescue does!

Ann O.
Keep rescuing the Wee ones!

Meredith S.
We are so thankful for our sweet Jeffrey and all of the work you do!

Bettye W.
Lots of love from Bettye and Max (Cinder) who was adopted in 2001

Debb W.

Rahel E.

Francisco and Glennys S.

Shannon K.

Rhonda C.
In memory of Remmy
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